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Is having a complex Martech stack a bad thing? In this episode, Juan and Scott challenge the notion that having a complex marketing technology set up in a business is more of a reflection of maturity than a lack of it. We also touch on how Martech maps to the complexity of marketing, the impact of chaotic human behavior on marketing, and why marketers should be experimenting with and deprecating tech often and frequently.

📺 Play by play: Embracing Martech Complexity

0:20 Recap from last week - Partner Ops: Slowly, then suddenly

5:50 Martech: Complex vs Complicated

8:50 Experimentation and unnecessary complexity

10:50 Why large companies need complexity

14:15 The Cynefin framework

17:30 The number one reason for complex Martech stacks

19:00 Complex, complicated and chaotic

22:20 When simple Martech stacks work

24:00 The need for creativity in Martech

25:40 This week's question

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