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Welcome to episode three, the last of our series on the end of third-party cookies. In our last episode, we looked at how marketers were reacting to cookie deprecation, what the replacements are, and the ethical, privacy, and data quality risks. This week, we look at who’s innovating in this space, what contextual advertising, brand safety, marketing mix modeling, and more.

01:43 Contextual advertising

06:34 Can advertising be a great experience?

10:23 The three ways that ads are targeted in contextual advertising.

14:14 Brand safety.

19:19 Marketing mix modeling.

20:00 Geo-experimentation.

22:00 Generative AI.

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Seedtag and Nielsen research finds contextual targeting boosts consumer interest in advertising by 32%press.seedtag.com/seedtag-and-nielsen-research-finds-contextual-targeting-boosts-consumer-interest-in-advertising-by-32

TMW #114 | The contextual renaissance