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Big Martech is back with Season 2! We are doing things a bit differently this time around. Instead of doing a single topic per show, we’re doing deeper dives into the most pressing themes of Martech with three episodes at a time. Our first theme is about how our shift away from third party cookies is changing the Martech landscape. This week we’ll look at the history of the cookie, next week will be about how marketers are responding, and the third looks ahead into future opportunities and innovation. Today, we're talking about the history of third-party cookies.

📺 Play by play: The End of Third Party Cookies (Part 1)

[07:20] Value of third-party engagement and privacy motivation of consumers

[10:04] Audience Targeting: Potential of third-party cookies

[13:13] The Cookie Conundrum: Navigating privacy laws and consumer expectations

[17:24] Google’s Chrome Browser - Goodbye third-party cookies!

[22:37] Adoption of alternative technologies

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