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Over the past two weeks major CDP companies like Segment Twilio and mParticle have announced warehouse native data activation features, commonly known as "Reverse ETL." This week, Scott and Juan break down this growing category in data orchestration and figure out if there's a serious trend happening or if it's all hype. We also touch on the problem of customer identity management, the challenges with breaking down data silos in companies and new ways to think about data management in the enterprise.

📺 Play by play: Chaos at Twitter

0:22 Recapping last week, Chaos at Twitter

6:01 What is Reverse ETL?

7:49 How Reverse ETL intersects with CDPs

9:00 New entrants: mParticle and Segment Twilio

10:30 How data architecture is changing

12:30 Are these technologies middleware?

14:20 Reverse ETL and identity resolution

16:05 Data products are bundling and unbundling

17:30 DMPs to CDPs to Reverse ETL

18:30 How Reverse ETL brings together operational and customer data

20:00 Thinking long-term about data orchestration

22:00 Can reverse ETL solve the data silo problem?

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